Skeletal Trailers

Hans ’Skeletal’ Trailers are the best in Kenya for container handling. With years of engineering experience you can be assured that our skeletal trailers are of excellent quality. Durable and smartly designed, combined with low maintenance axles configuration, which have been proven to withstand even the most severe conditions.

We offer a variety of skeletal trailer designs as well as axel options such as tandem or triaxel; each HansTrailer can be designed to suit your specific industry requirements.

Trailer options include:
  • 40 ft rugged semi
  • 24 ft rugged semi
  • 30 ft rugged pulling trailer
  • Lift axle options are also available
Our standard 40 ft skeletal semi trailers are able to load the following:
  • 1x20ft containers
  • 1x40ft containers
  • 2x20ft containers