Our Team

Ashpool Kapoor
CEO – Founder

Started the company in 1972. Has extensive expertise in Motor Vehicle Spares, specifically in Heavy commercial vehicles and construction equipment.  Realized problems with imported parts, especially ancillary parts and decided to design, develop and manufacture quality parts that were built Africa tough.

Ashwin Kapoor
Managing Director

Joined the company in the early 90’s after graduating with a Business Degree from university in England. He was fundamental in streamlining the HansManufacturing division. He further developed HansSpares to move into commercial road transportation spare parts, to include bus companies. He was the main proponent of the HansEngineering division, as he believed that spare parts manufacturing division could be horizontally integrated into machine part manufacturing as well.

With his business degree, Ashwin has been able to implement business standards and controls that helped the company become more productive and run at a high level of efficiency.

Ajitesh Kapoor
Director of Technical Engineering

Joined the company in 2007, after completing his engineering degree. Was initially in charge of increasing capacity for both engineering and manufacturing divisions. After which, with his team, he has been able to create manufacturing standards that are now used for quality control.

Major advocate for the Trailer division and is the head engineer for all trailers designed and developed by the division.

Within the Manufacturing, Engineering and Spare parts Divisions, Hans Kenya Employees over 120 members, when included with the Marketing, Sales and Admin divisions the team reaches well over 160 members.

As part of the Engineering Union, HansKenya prides themselves on hiring only the most expert specialists within the market.

Over the years, the Hans Kenya has grown their team into versatile divisions with interlinking channels that increase overall efficiently. With the Hans team you can be assured of the highest quality of workmanship and service.

The company has also built a SACCO that works to help their members get the very best out of the work experience, from loans and saving systems, the SACCO enables the team members the best quality of life, for themselves and their families.